Corporate social responsibility

Juddmonte is committed to protecting the natural surroundings in which we operate, to the health, safety and welfare of our employees and visitors, and to supporting our local communities.

  • Juddmonte operates stud farms in the UK, Ireland and the US and, at each location, the farms are carefully maintained. This includes the maintenance and improvement of historic and other buildings, the care of rivers and lakes, the careful husbandry of woodland, paddocks and grasslands and the protection of the wildlife that inhabits them.

    An example is at Estcourt Estate in Gloucestershire, UK. We have carried out extensive conservation and improvement works to the estate, including major landscaping improvements to the registered park and gardens and the conservation and repair of many historic listed buildings within the estate. We have also improved the quality of water in the River Avon which runs through the estate by clearing waterways and making improvements to a lake which had become overgrown under previous ownership.

    We are custodians of a number of listed buildings across the UK and Ireland and ensure that these are maintained and protected, even when not in use within the business, using specialist advisors to help us manage these properties appropriately and sympathetically.

    Some of the ways that we protect the environment include the use of double-lined fuel tanks to prevent fuel spills, recycling all waste where possible, insulating all new and refurbished buildings to the highest standards and the composting of all horse bedding by commercial contractors.

    Although our farms are largely laid to paddocks, we have extensive woodland and grassland areas on our properties, some of which are deliberately left to grow wild to encourage local wildlife.